my mini Safari


★ Bring your kid on a fun cartoon animal Safari – for FREE!

★ SUPER EASY TO USE! No menus or buttons! It’s the perfect app start for your 2-4 year old child.

★ mymini Safari™ is FULL of animated Safari animals like you have NEVER seen them before!

★ TAP them to see what they do next! They run, sleep, laugh and DANCE to the MUSIC! Some even POOP!! (If this is too much fun you can turn this off in the app settings).

★ Try it out – it’s FREE! (NOTE: our app does NOT work on iPad 1. Only on iPad 2 and above).

★ In the FREE version of mymini Safari™ you will meet a LAUGHING Zebra, a DANCING Elephant and a POOPING Gorilla! Your guide is the PROFESSOR who says the animal names in English! (And we’ve also included Swedish for all you Swedes out there).

PARENT TIP: If you think these animals are fun, wait until you get the ANIMAL BOX with 10 more wacky animals! You can download this directly within the app – using a secure In-App Purchase that requires your Apple ID and Password.


▶ TOP QUALITY ART and movie-style animations with wacky cartoon animals!

▶ AWESOME MUSIC! It will make you DANCE along with the crazy animals!

▶ LEARN the animal names while having lots of fun!

▶ THE PARENT MENU gives YOU control over the app. In the settings you can turn off: the Professor, Pooping animals or the Music.

▶ 3 FREE fun animated animals in the FREE version – and 10 more in the ANIMAL BOX!

▶ SECURE IN-APP PURCHASES – just as safe as buying things in the App Store – it requires your Apple ID and Password. Go into your device settings to set up how you want it to work.

▶ NO scores, points or stress – just a lot of fun!

▶ NO third-party advertising