Foot Nut


Ed the squirrel and princess Pearl are in love!
The Wood Kingdom law is very clear, only the Foot Nut world champion will be able to marry the princess.
Help Ed win the world championship, then he can marry the princess.

The Foot Nut rules:
Kick the nut from Ed the squirrel to Jerry the baby squirrel in a realistic puzzle.
The shorter the pass, the higher the score.
In order to achieve this, you will need the help of your teammates, the birds, who all have very specificskills.
If you don’t use them, your score will be higher.
There are no more rules! Be ingenious and malicious and maybe you will become the Foot Nut world champion.

You will have to solve some amazing and realistic puzzle all around the world; your surroundings are as much your ally as your enemies. Use every part of the game play to succeed in this journey in your own way.
The graphics are sensational.
Be the world champions in the game center.
Multiple crazy and funny challenges to unlock and win nuts to get extra companions on your road to the victory
Free upload coming soon including new levels and even more…

Key Features:
- 4 worlds with 60 clever and tricky levels
- Addictive physics game play, easy to learn, hard to master
- Plenty of interesting game play elements and obstacles
- Adorable characters, outstanding graphics
- Game center leaderboard and achievement
- Get extra birds to help you pass the levels
- And more exciting levels are coming...