Chompy Chomps


Chomp your way through the alphabet!

In this kid-friendly (ages 4 to 8), educational app, you will swim through intriguing underwater scenery and stunning coral reefs chomping letters as you go!

Chomp bonuses and see what happens. Oh no, you’ve shrunk Chompy! At least now you can dodge the jellyfish floating by. The unexpected ocean is full of wonder and mystery as Chompy learns the alphabet, finds letters to spell common sight words and much more!

The game’s educational value is in teaching young children how to identify letters before moving on to spelling over 300 common sight words in an engaging and entertaining way.

We’ll be releasing more updates, with mini-games to come! Chompy’s adventure has only just begun!

Chompy Chomps features:
- Australian accents (UK & US coming soon)
- Eight levels of underwater fun!
- Fun and motivating game suitable for children aged 4+ years
- Chomp the letters A through to Z while learning the alphabet
- Find the letter to aid letter recognition
- Spell over 300 common sight vocabulary words
- Three special bonuses; Super Star, Mini Me and Speed Boost!
- Multi-sensory approach, combining voice and written words to aid letter and word recognition.
- Audio help to guide you through the game
- Amazing HD graphics and effects bring the four detailed underwater zones to life
- Immersive sound; Chompy has a personality of his own!
- Dodge the Sea Jellies and crabs!
- Earn turtle-y awesome star bonuses!
- Kid friendly interface
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases
- Safe and fun to play!

Designed and developed in Brisbane, Australia.

Privacy Policy:
Privacy is an issue we take very seriously. Chompy Chomps does not connect to any third-party, online service or social network.

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