Candy Mouse


With the progress of the times, more and more funny games enter into our life, but I want to ask a question, do you still remember Tom & Jerry on the black and white TV in the old times?

FC Game machine, represents for the dream of a generation, and company us with that enjoyable and trouble-free childhood. The comfortable operation and funny experience of our game will definitely wake up that passion in those old days.

Remember that Cat & Mouse game in the FC Game machine when we are young? That was the favorable game for 70’s and 80’s people. We keep classic and familiar music, character and excitement.

This is a game fully defined the battle of wits between mouse and cat.

Candymouse was a popular FC game in 80’s and 90’s with simple operation and thrills.

This game is an imitation of old play, with improved scene, gameplayer, and levels.

This game consists of 60 levels, challenging your visual and aural sense.

bao and hua are two mice grew up together. One day, they found a treasure chest with treasury inside. While at the same time, a cat found the treasure chest too and took it away. 2 mice decided to steal all the jewels back.

The game features
Simple and funny play, very classic and exciting.

Abundant game tools;
You are free to choose classic music and fashion music;

Funny game scene;
Three main scene with 60 different levels
Three different kinds of cat to challenge your reaction and wisdom;

A little difficult for the freshets, but when you pass the sixth level, the game just starts.

Different design in different scene, player can press the button in the bottom of the screen to control the mouse;

Some levels with fried chips, hamburger, roast chicken and so on. The more mouse eats, the bigger it will be. And the strong enough to KO the little yellow cat.
Player pass all the levels when finish eating all the jewels in the game;

The mouse will be dead when touch the cat;

Spring bed can only be jumped four times. Its color when change after be jumped each time. When it turns into red, the bed will break if touched again.
★game special planning★
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